Old Style Shavette Razor

Real wood handle Proraso Barber Shavette Razor


The Proraso barber shavette razor is based on the same idea as a straight razor but takes replaceable blades. No stropping, sharpening or honing of the razor is needed to enjoy the pleasures of an extremely close shave.

It is compatible with any regular double edge razor blade, which are readily available in most supermarkets, pharmacies and online. These need to be snapped in half before insertion into the shavette razor.

Featuring a stainless steel blade arm and real wood handle, which is engraved with the Proraso logo. Presented in cardboard packaging ? a great gift for any wet shaver.

Length: 230mm (fully open)
Length: 161mm (closed)
Width: 29.6mm
Weight: 54g

How to use

How to insert a blade:

With the double edge blade still in its individual wrapping, carefully bend lengthwise until the blade snaps. Open wrapper and place to one side.
Pull back the top hinged cover of the shavette razor until it is fully opened.
Use the indent at the rounded end to split the blade holder so that the shavette razor is now fanned out into three parts.
Carefully take one half of the previously snapped blade and place against the location pins on the razor.
Carefully close the other half of the blade holder over the blade until the pins nestle in the holes. If the blade moves slightly, carefully push the blade back into position. Push the hinged cover back over the blade holder – a small portion of the edge of the blade should now be showing evenly.
The razor is now ready for use.

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