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Dry Skin Huile Lavante Cleansing Oil 500ml Pump Bottle


Cleansing oil is a pleasantly scented daily hygiene product that delivers optimum moisturisation to the upper layers of the epidermis while cleansing your skin.


The first essential step for soft, soothed and purified skin. This oil cleanses, gently removes make-up and eliminates impurities. Without greasy residues, it leaves the skin fresh and perfectly clean. Proven efficacity on acne-prone skin.


Intensive Propolis+ Amino Acids Purifying Cleansing Face Gel 200ml


Osmoclean Micellar face cleansing oil 150ml


Precleanse 150ml


Precleanse 30ml


Retinol Clearing Oil 30ml


Sebum-regulating, anti-enlarged pore mattifying care.


Stelatopia Huile Lavante Cleansing Oil 500ml Pump Bottle


Lipid restoring cleansing oil, anti-itching.


Lipid replenishing cleansing oil .