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The anti-hair loss treatment to stop progressive hair loss and stimulate the growth of stronger, thicker and better quality hair.


The anti-hair loss treatment to slow down reaction hair loss and restore volume and shine to the hair.


Specialised hair loss treatment for men and women with hair loss and alopecia problems.


Keratin Strength fortifying spray offers thinning lifeless hair a scientific, high-precision approach to target deficiencies by providing essential nutrients to the core of the hair fibre.


A powerful scalp serum to restore fullness, thickness and luster to fine, thinning hair caused by stress, fatigue, pregnancy, medication, or seasonal changes.


This unique complex protects follicle cells to extend each hair's life cycle, encourages healthy hair growth and thickens the diameter of each hair strand.


The most expert hair loss treatment from PHYTOSOLBA Laboratories, formulated with 99% natural, plant-based ingredients.