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Concentrated Mouthwash Aniseed Mint 120ml


Concentrated Mouthwash Cinnamon Mint 120ml


Concentrated Mouthwash Spearmint 120ml


Oral spray to treat dry mouth (xerostomia) symptoms. With a composition that effectively acts to restore the salivary gland's normal functioning to restore the desired salivation.


Fluoride mouthwash helps that prevent gingivitis and fights against the build up of plaque.


Fluoride mouthwash that prevents and reduces the symptoms of dental plaque, including swelling, soreness or infection.


Specialised daily fluoride mouthwash for sensitive teeth and gums for brilliant overall oral car


Mouthwash for the daily care of sensitive teeth, prevents formation of plaque and the development of cavities.


Oral spray for the daily treatment of malodor and bad breath.