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- Supports the function of the immune system- Contributes to healthy skin- Supports eye health- Dry form ideal for Vegan and Vegetarian- Kosher certified


Specially formulated for school age kids in natural mango/peach flavour. Elementary EPA provides essential vitamins and nutrients often lacking in the diet. EPA and DHA Omega-3s along with vitamins and nutrients fuel your child's healthy brain and support their eyes for optimal focus and function.


Get a 2 or 4 month supply of your OMEGA 3S + VITAMIN D3 in one pack! General wellness and immune support in one capsule a day!


The most minimally processes and holistic formula in great tasting natural orange flavour. Naturally contains vitamin A & D and the antioxidant Astaxanthin.


Just 1 Softgel a day is all you need! Peak EPA is purified and concentrated to provide a Peak dose of EPA in every Softgel. Peak EPA is clinically proven to increase Omega-3 levels in human muscle tissue and red blood cells. Natural anti-inflammatory for joint flexibility.