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Perfect for trimming little hands and feet


Each blade is individually sharpened to provide a clean cut.


Compact and Curved Nail Scissors


Ideal for both fingernails and toenails for smooth cutting


Emery Boards are flexible emery nail files to follow the curvature of the nails and prevent them from splitting.


Perfectly suited for manicure and pedicure, these are indicated for push cuticles back and forth to clean the sides of the nail.


Manicure Sticks will allow you to remove cuticles and to cleanse under the nail, for a perfect cleanliness and beauty of hands.


Keep your nails tidy and clean with Mavala Nail Clipper


Nail Nippers are the ideal pair of nippers to trim your fingernails


NAIL-WHITE CRAYON whitens nail tips and gives nails a natural clean outline.


Preen and perfect your brows with the Mavala Oblique Tweezers.


Remove and relieve ingrown hairs and splinters with the Mavala Splinter Tweezers