Uomo Intense Eau De Parfum 50ml


Command attention with the Valentino Uomo Intense Eau de Parfum, an authoritative fragrance for men with leather facets.

Darker than the original Uomo Eau de Toilette, this deeply aromatic scent is for a man whose legacy is unrivalled. His suave and assertive nature beckons for a sophisticated approach to fragrance. A classic way of life comes naturally to this impeccably elegant gent, and the Valentino Uomo Intense Eau de Parfum accentuates his need for refinement with every last spritz.

The powdery, aromatic fragrance is dominated by lashings of leather that stray wild from the creamy vanilla base. Tamed by distinctive top notes of clary sage, its addictive tonka bean core grips hold of the evocative iris heart, creating a chivalrous dry down with longevity.

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