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AvaCare's Optimum Balance of 12 Essential Vitamins and Minerals Food Supplement for babies 4-18 months old. This formulation has been designed and crafted to be low in sugars and simple to use with just one dose a day. It's simple for parents to use too; one dose a day, one bottle, one month's supply.


AvaCare's Optimum Balance of 18 Essential Vitamins & Minerals with DHA (Omega 3) Food Supplement for children 1,5 - 12 years old.


Super plant strength OMEGA 3 to boost heart, brain and vision function. Food supplement for kids from 3 years old in yummy orange flavour.


A plant sourced vitamin D3 and K2 for strong bones, teeth nad muscle function in an optimal absorbtion spray form. Food supplement for kids from 1 year old.