The Repulp Mask 40ml


The quintessential SOS treatment, this Mask is the essential skin-pampering step after exposure to the sun or cold, and a touch of magic for plumper skin before an evening out!

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Surfers’ secret  This sport is a test for the skin, which has to withstand long exposure to the sun in the water. Add to that salt, sand, perspiration and fatigue!

Cyrille, founder of Novexpert and a surfer, has therefore imagined an SOS treatment to help aggressed skin: sun, cold, wind, air conditioning or simply for thirsty skin! On the program: for your cells a powerful arsenal of antioxidant active ingredients and for your skin the elite of nourishing plant extracts: ximenia oil combined with shea butter and aloe vera.

This Mask is THE favorite product of the company and the favorite companion of extreme sports professionals.

How to use

Apply generously to cleansed skin. Leave on for at least 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water and finish with cold water. This mask is indicated after exposure to the sun, cold or before an evening … and as often as necessary.