Milky Cleanser Hydro-Biotic 200ml


Throughout your life, your skin will come into contact with a cleanser nearly 40,000 times! That’s 40,000 reasons to choose the right one.

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You don’t see it, you don’t feel it and yet.. . Your skin is an ecosystem composed of billions of “good bacteria” whose list of virtues is constantly growing: anti-irritant, soothing, anti-oxidant, regenerating… But these “skin fairies” are in danger.

Modern life would tend to overshadow them: pollution and excess preservatives, not to mention the ritual of make-up removal often pointed at. Indeed, with nearly 40,000 cleanings throughout your life, your ecosystem is put to the test.

Solution Novexpert Laboratories have elaborated a creamy milk that is like a star menu: omegas, Aloe Vera, magnesium, evening primrose oil, vitamin E and a prebiotic (natural sugar), a selective food for good skin bacteria. A Milky Cleanser ” cocoon ” for sensitive skin which is a real daily care.

How to use

JAPANESE METHOD : Apply with fingertips, massage and rinse with warm or cold water.

EUROPEAN METHOD: Apply a reusable wipe with cotton or a more environmentally friendly wipe and remove with the cotton or wipe. Then spray the Magnesium Mist.
Frequency of use: 1 to 2 times a day.