Detox Mask With Creamy Pink Clay 75ml


Your skin is like you: it breathes. And the air it breathes in is not necessarily healthy… Our Detox Mask works like an oxygen treatment for a fresher and better-rested complexion in a matter of minutes!

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Your skin breathes… but city life reminds us that this precious air also brings us pollutants and allergens.

Need an air filter The best natural filter is without hesitation clay. Its micro-leaves have the capacity to absorb all kinds of pollutants, allergens… But there is a price to pay: at best, a feeling of tightness, at worst, a severe drying of the skin. In fact, clay is often contraindicated for dry or sensitive skin. A problem that seemed insoluble except… for one of our scientists. 203 tests and 34 months were necessary to reach the subtle balance between the right concentration of pink clay and the elaboration of a “cocoon” emulsion.

The Novexpert Detox Mask offers a “bowl of oxygen” even for dry skin. Mission accomplished!

How to use

Adapt the DETOX diet to your skin by leaving it on for 15 minutes for oily, combination or normal skin. 10 min for dry skin. Rinse with lukewarm water and finish with a cold water jet.
Frequency of use: 1 to 2 times a week.