Clear Skin Foaming Gel 150ml


Can an anti-pollution cleanser double as a real anti-blemish treatment? Clinical studies provide incontestable proof in support of our Foaming Gel.

99.8% of pollutants are eliminated*
30% reduction in imperfections after 28 days**

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At first, it seemed impossible… and yet dermatologists have long been demanding it. A purifying foaming gel effective that totally preserves the integrity of the hydrolipidic film:

a cleanser with anti-imperfection benefits that is also non irritant.
a purifying cleanser that is also non caustic.
a mattifying cleanser that also causes no dryness.
But how can this paradox between efficacy and tolerance be resolved The Foaming Jelly is a new kind of cleanser: a real jelly composed of an ultra-gentle foaming agent (coconut & sugar) whose role is to clean and not to treat.

And to treat then? The formula is enriched with powerful but non-irritating and non-drying active ingredients.

How to use

Apply to wet face, massage and rinse. Frequency of application: once a day, preferably in the evening (twice a day for oily skin only). For other skin types, Trio-Zinc Mist in the morning is sufficient.


INGREDIENTS: Aqua (Water), Zinc Gluconate, Zinc PCA, Zinc Lactate, Nitrogen
100% of the total is from natural origin /  100% of ingredients are from natural origin.
Certified by an independent certification organization / Certified by an independent certification organization.